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The Republic of Tajikistan situated on the North-East part of Central Asia. Area - 143,100 sq km. Population - 7,029,000. Capital - Dushanbe. Currency somoni (introduced in October 2000).

State borders length 700 km from the West to the East, 350 km from the North to the South. On the West and the North Tajikistan shares border with Uzbekistan (910 km) and Kyrgyzstan (630 km), on the South with Afghanistan (1030 km), on the East with China (430 km).

Climate continental. Average temperature in June July from 30 to 35 degree above zero.

Modern Tajikistan is a mountainous country with the altitudes vary from 300 to 7,495 meters above the sea level. 93% of the territory are mountain ranges relating to Pamirs, Hissar-Alay and Tien-Shan mountain systems. The mentioned ranges are divided by rich and fertile lands of Ferghana, Zerafshan, Vakhsh and Hissar valleys. Complicated relief and big amplitude of mountain systems high caused exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. Tajikistan country of high peaks, strong glaciers, swift rapid rivers, unrepeatable in terms of beauty lakes, unique flora and rare animals. Mountainous, floor landscape determines originality and peculiarity of Tajikistans nature, riches of its forms called for life by diversity of climatic zones. In the republic it is possible during the one and half hour fly from heat of Vakhsh valley get arctic cold of everlasting snows of Pamirs.

The history of the Tajik people went away by its roots in ancient days to the beginning of human civilization. Ancient findings, uncovered on the territory of modern Tajikistan are evidence of this. Mountains and valleys of Tajikistan, peoples lived on its territory, mentioned in ancient sources of authors as Pliny and Ptolemy. The Venetian traveler Marco Polo wrote about his travel to Pamirs.

At the beginning of IX century tendencies to national self-determination became apparent and the first state formations of Tajiks appeared, the biggest of which was the State of Samanids with capital in Bukhara, a founder was Ismail Samani from Samanids dynasty.

Tajiks brought significant contribution to spiritual treasury of civilization, gave to the World eminent and splendid scientists, philosophers, writers, poets and architects, transactions of whom became an integral part of scientific and cultural baggage, accumulated by the world civilization. Examples for this are lyric poetry of Persian-Tajik literature founder A.Rudaki 1150 years of poet which will be celebrated in this current year, immortal poem Shahname of A.Firdousi and The Canon of Medical Science of Avicenna, tractate which for many centuries served as main guide on medicine in educational institutions of Europe. Stars of world poetry Khayyam, Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz, Jami, masters of artistic work Barbad, Mani, Behzad, were famous far beyond ancient Soghd, Khorasan and Movaraunnahr main territory of modern Central Asia.

Territory of Tajikistan from the ancient times lays on important historical ways of the Silk Road connecting the East and the West. It took importance place in international trade and cultural exchange.

Today in ancient cities of Tajikistan Khujand, Istaravshan, Penjikent and Kulyab, look of which significantly changed during these years, ancient historical, cultural and handicraft traditions carefully saved.

Favorable conditions of Republic of Tajikistan were created for attracting the foreign investments, supporting the market structures and the developing the commerce financing and bank systems. Also the favorable conditions were created for registration of common enterprisers and others different patterns of ownership enterprisers. Thus according to a new law, enterprisers by supporting foreign investment are exemption from tax per benefit on period from 2 until 5 years depending on working capital.

The priority directions of investing in the economy of the country are the following: hydro energy, extraction and treatment of precious metals and stones, polymetallic ore, development of telecommunications, chemical industry, processing of agricultural products, cotton, etc.

Today, the most important investors into Tajik economy are companies from China, Russia, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary. Among such companies are Nelson Gold Corporation (development of gold and silver fields), Gulf International Minerals (development of gold deposits), Russian Joint Stock Company «Common Energetical Systems of Russia», «Russian Aluminium» (construction of Rogun and Sangtuda HPS),Credit Swiss First Boston (futures cotton contracts), Kabool Textiles and Adjind International (textile production). Such large enterprises with common capital as «Zeravshan», «Darvaz», «Aprelevka», «Djavoni», «Kabool-Tajik-Textiles», «Rishta», «Hujand pekidjing», «Marmar», «Obi Zulol» and others are successfully operating in the Republic.

The registration order of joint enterprises and of other forms of ownership was simplified. About 200 enterprises are functioning under support of foreign investors.

The Laws «On state protection of support for private business undertakings in the Republic of Tajikistan», «On foreign investments in the Republic of Tajikistan», «On foreign economic activity», «On joint-stock companies», «On leasing», «On concessions» provide the protection of rights, interests and property of foreign investors, create stable legal base for integration of the economy of the republic to world community, stimulate the participation of investors in privatization of objects of national economy.

Macroeconomic indexes for 2007:

· Gross Domestic Product - 12779, 9 million somoni

· Industrial Production Volume (works, services) - 5431, 4 million somoni

· Gross Agriculture Product - 4613, 0 million somoni

· External Trade Turnover - 3923, 6 million US$ including:

- Import - 2455, 5 million US$

- Export - 1468, 1 million US$

A share of goods production in GDP for the past period is - 43, 9%, production of services - 44, 1%, taxation - 12%.

Tajikistan has had foreign trade relations with 94 countries of the world, 11 countries of which are the CIS countries and 83 are the far-abroad countries.

44, 6 % fall for the CIS countries in foreign trade turnover

55, 4 % fall for the far-abroad countries

Dushanbe - is a capital of the Republic of Tajikistan. As political and administrative center was placed on the world map in the beginning of XX century. Situated in the center of the Hisor Valley, 800 meters above the sea level. From the North to the South river Varzob and from the East to the West river Kofarnihon cross Dushanbe.

Dushanbe is a beautiful city, went through happy and sorrowful days, which are going to the past. Today sincere wish for revival of former fame of hospitable capital to which inquisitive tourists and business people always strived, awake. The big village with wattle and daub houses, in which were more than 500 homesteads and where lived 6-8 thousands people (mainly farmers, craftsmen, money-lenders, and small quantity of slaves, servants and carriers), was instead modern blooming city.

Dushanbe is comfortable city, with low architecture. Attractions of Dushanbe mainly situated on Rudaki avenue, the longest and many face street of the city. Exactly here famous lane of planes situated, on which population of Dushanbe like walking. The symbol of Tajik statehood, bearing the idea of civil accord, national reconciliation and unity, embodied on memorial of Ismail Samani.

In Dushanbe forums, symposiums and summits are conducting. Concerts and festivals take place, everywhere music plays. All this inspires and gives big impetus to people living in Dushanbe, where all this dear to heart. Golden scattering of stars, blinding shining of daybreak, evergreen Dushanbe allegedly created for poetry.

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