Republic Tajikistan, Dushanbe, LLC «Industrial anufacture  Nassojii Tajik» - produce and realization of cotton production: cotton fabrics, cotton yarn, a nonwoven cloth and batting, bandage and other medical products from a gauze, garments.

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AboutLLC «IM Nassojii Tajik»

        LLC "Industrial Manufacture Nassojii Tajik» one of the largest enterprises of textile industry of Republic Tajikistan. It is located in city Dushanbe- capital of Republic Tajikistan.

In 1939 there is begun construction of the spinning - weaving factory 1 the first turn of association which has been put in operation in 1942. Stage by stage were put in operation in 1951 Finishing factory, in 1959 the spinning - weaving factory 2, transformed to JS Company "Nassoj", in 1966 spinning - weaving factory 3, transformed to JS Company "Bofanda, in 1999 Factory for manufacture of medical products and bandage from a gauze.

Since November 2008, all these  joint-stock companies have joined together LLC "Industrial manufacture Nassojii Tajik".

Gradually the production capacity of the company increased, the company expanded its capabilities, improved and by now has grown into a powerful textile combine with a full cycle of processing cotton fiber - from the production of cotton yarn to tailoring ready-made garments. Production factories of the company complex modern technical equipment and produce a wide range of products. LLC "IM Nassojii Tajik" is specialized in the production of cotton yarn, harsh and finished fabrics of non-woven fabric and batting, garments and medical products made of gauze.

Over the period from 2006 to 2018 more than 20 million US dollars were invested in production factories of LLC "IM Nassojii Tajik". As a result, in the two spinning mills for the production of high-quality cotton yarn, new production lines of the Swiss company Rieter were installed. In the weaving of the third factory we installed high-performance weaving looms Picanol. The finishing factory has modern technological equipment for bleaching, dyeing and printing of cotton fabrics. Dyeing proses are equipped with dyeing machines "Jiger" produced in Italy, for printing of cotton fabrics there is a printing machine "Shtork RD-2".

At present, three spinningmills, three weaving mills, a finishing factory, factory with the modern equipment for the production of medical products made from gauze, several sewing industries, where up to 700 tons of cotton are processed every month, and produce more two million meters of cotton fabrics, which are mainly exported outside the Republic of Tajikistan. The cotton yarn, cotton fabrics and other products of LLC "IM Nassojii Tajik" exported to more than 20 countries.    


Kurbonov Anvar Bozorovich

Chairman of  Board of directors

 LLC «IM Nassojii Tajik»

Our purpose: proceeding from market condition to increase release of best-selling production, to improve manufacture, quality of our goods.


LLC «IM Nassojii Tajik» is ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies on a mutually advantageous basis.


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